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Importance of Foot Health

Police work puts your feet under stress, but there are ways to manage the most common symptoms.

Grow your brain with food

Research shows that healthy foods improve levels of brain plasticity and neurogenesis.

Mental health issues plague the young, with first responders at great risk. Is resilience the key?

For the 20-something police officer, paramedic or firefighter, there’s a great opportunity to leverage everything you witness and grow from it.

Surviving Christmas

If there’s one time of year that’s the most trying for police officers (and their families), it’s the holidays.

The link between police work and poor health

There are two factors that are putting officers most at risk.

One third of first responders are using alcohol to ‘cope’

Alcohol tends to become a coping mechanism for these mental health issues, which is fraught with danger.

Coping with Perimenopause in your forties

Let’s take a look at the difference between perimenopause and menopause.