Rollover Benefit Guide

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Our Rollover Benefit lets you roll over unclaimed Annual Maximums from one calendar year to the next on most Extras services, up to the Rollover Maximum.

For example, if you go a year without claiming Optical benefits (such as new prescription glasses and/or contact lenses) your $350 Annual Maximum becomes $700 12-months later (subject to Waiting Periods).

We have developed this product benefit in order to provide extra protection to our members, giving you greater assurance if something were to happen.

Claims are always paid from the current year’s Annual Maximum before your Rollover Benefit is accessed.

New members are eligible for Rollover Benefit after just 12 months (2 years for major dental).

The combined Rollover Benefit and the Annual Maximum are shown as the “Rollover Maximum”.

To view your current Rollover Benefits, log on to our Online Member Portal or Phone App. Alternatively, you can view our set Rollover Maximums detailed on Rolling Extras benefit guide.

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