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When chronic pain affects the people who protect our community

For police officers whose jobs rely on physical capabilities, it's particularly important.

The hidden hazards of being a cop

There are many health dangers to police officers' lungs.

Police officers 19% more likely to suffer from hearing loss

Police can focus on minimising the effects of constant exposure to obtrusive sound.

Menopause is natural. Not talking about it, within police departments, is a threat.

There often isn’t a place for women to openly talk about their symptoms, without fearing they’ll be treated differently.

Why breast cancer comes onto the health radar at 40 (and what this means for police)

The risk factors for breast cancer are most prevalent for police and emergency service workers.

Emergency services at greater risk of suicide

One in four officers experience moderate to high psychological distress at any one time

Is our brave police community at risk of getting cancer, Australia’s biggest killer?

There are warning signs surrounding first responders’ work and lifestyle.

Why first responders need to prepare for, and protect against, COPD

Half of these people don’t know they’re living with COPD.