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Blue Trauma Syndrome

While depression isn’t an illness isolated to the 40s, it’s a decade to invest in your mental health.

Police stress is unique

For police, it’s something that’s related to the negative pressures that come with wearing the badge. 

The relationship between neurological conditions, substance disorders & high-stress police work

There’s a strong connection between the stress of being a police officer and psychological outcomes.

Police officers’ armour against the rising rate of dementia

Dementia is linked to traumatic brain injuries, which police are more prone to than the general public.

Higher Heart Disease risk for the Emergency Services

Research finds you are 5 times more likely to have heart disease in your fifties, and Emergency services staff face even greater risk.

The types of partners police are drawn to

It's not necessarily about finding someone exactly in your field, but a profession that complements it. 

How diabetes affects your eyes

Diabetes can affect your eyes, prevention is the key and our cover can help.