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What cover do you have?   

If you’re a Police Health member with our Rolling Extras cover, you’ll need to change your cover to Gold Hospital or to Gold Combined to benefit from our hospital cover.

To do so, simply call us on 1800 603 603 or email enquiries@policehealth.com.au.

Please note, waiting periods may apply. You can read more about waiting periods below.

Waiting periods

A Waiting Period is the period of time you need to be covered before you’re eligible to claim on certain procedures or services.

Waiting Periods may apply to new or upgraded policies. If you’re transferring from another health insurer, we offer continuity of cover which means you won’t serve the same Waiting Periods twice.

However, if you’re transferring to us from a lower level of cover, you’ll only be able to claim up to the level you were already covered for until you have served the Waiting Period.

Read more abou how waiting periods work.

Waiting periods example

Sue decides to switch her hospital cover to Police Health. She has a $500 excess that currently applies to claims under her previous policy.

As she has served all Waiting Periods with her current fund, she only has to serve Waiting Periods for the level of extra cover provided by Police Health – in Sue’s case the $500 excess.

She receives immediate cover on all other aspects of her Police Health hospital policy.

Sue must serve the 2 month general and 12 month obstetrics and pre-existing condition Waiting Periods (as relevant) before the $500 excess does not apply at Police Health.

But rest assured, there are no Waiting Periods applied for claims resulting from an accident occurring after joining.

Waiting periods for hospital

Please note the following membership Waiting Periods apply for our Gold Hospital cover;

  • 2 months membership for all benefits, excluding accidents
  • 12 months membership for pregnancy and birth related (obstetrics) treatment
  • 12 months membership for pre-existing conditions, excluding psychiatric care, rehabilitation or palliative care
  • 12 months membership for continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machines, and goods and services under non-surgically Implanted Prosthesis and Appliances and other aids and appliances, travel and accommodation (general treatment) and home nursing

Pre-existing conditions

A pre-existing condition is one where signs or symptoms of your ailment, illness or condition, in the opinion of a medical practitioner appointed by us (not your own doctor), existed at any time during the six months preceding the day on which you purchased your health insurance or upgraded to a higher level of hospital cover.

The medical practitioner we appoint must consider any information regarding signs and symptoms provided by your own treating doctor and specialist.

New to health insurance?

If you’re new to health insurance, you may need to have held membership for 12 months before cover will be provided for treatment relating to pre-existing conditions.

Transferring to Police Health

If you’re transferring your existing health insurance, the 12 month wait on pre-existing conditions may apply to any increased level of cover you take with us.

For example, if you have an excess, excluded or restricted treatment under your previous policy, you need to serve 12 months membership with us before your treatment is covered.

Psychiatric care, rehabilitation and palliative care are not subject to the 12 month wait on pre-existing conditions, however the 2 month waiting may apply if not previously covered for these services.

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