Reduce stress and pay less

Whether facing a planned procedure or an unexpected situation, going to hospital can be overwhelming. Here we provide support and resources to help you feel informed and prepared.

You can start with Step 1 through the link below or skip to the other steps;

Step 1: See your GP

Your GP is often described as your first point of call for health concerns, particularly for planned hospital stays.

Step 2: Check your cover

If you’ve increased your cover when joining Police Health, you may have still waiting periods on some procedures.

Step 3: Know the costs

Now that you know what you’re covered for, it’s important to get your head around what you may have to pay for.

Step 4: Visit a specialist

Now that you’re aware of the potential costs of your upcoming hospital stay, it’s time to find the right specialist.

Step 5: Choose a hospital

Choosing which hospital you go to is a big benefit of private health insurance.