Police Health only specialises in top-level cover for complete peace of mind, but with so many benefits, how do you use them effectively? 
This page will give you a taste of what Police Health can do for you, with links to in-depth information so you can maximise your cover.

Navigating private hospitals

Police Health's Gold Hospital cover allows you to choose from a wide range of specialists and hospitals for your treatment.

This can mean shorter wait times, a private room, and potentially a more comfortable recovery experience. 

But there are many steps before going to hospital, and we’ve broken it down to show you where you can save money and time.

Get prepared for a hospital stay

Unlocking your extras

Police Health's Rolling Extras cover can help you manage the ongoing costs of preventative care like dental checkups, physiotherapy, and glasses. 

And we have plenty of advice on how to use your Rolling Extras, helping you avoid any nasty surprises.

<Learn how to look after yourself, and your budget>

Bridging the gap

Even with private health insurance, sometimes out-of-pocket expenses (known as the gap) can occur.  Police Health's Access Gap Cover program can help minimize these costs, giving you peace of mind when choosing a specialist or surgeon.  

Learn more about Access Gap and how it can help you

Understanding medical costs

Confused about the costs of a specific treatment or procedure? You're not alone.

The Australian Government's Medical Costs Finderallows you to compare estimated out-of-pocket costs for various procedures, both with and without private health insurance.  

Learn more about this valuable tool