Blood Pressure Monitor Benefit Guide

A man using a blood pressure monitor

With 780 claims paid for blood pressure monitors across our membership base and our partner brand Emergency Services Health from 2021-2022, we wanted to help you understand the ins and outs of claiming a blood pressure monitor.

There’s also been almost 200 enquiries in that same time, and it comes as no surprise when you consider 6 million Australians have had hypertension (high blood pressure) recently.

Studies have also shown links between the demanding nature of shift work police have with increased risk of high blood pressure, and cardiovascular and sleep disorders.

What is a blood pressure monitor, and how can it help me?

According to Melbourne Heart Care, blood pressure monitoring provides essential information about your cardiovascular health, allowing healthcare professionals to identify and diagnose conditions such as high blood pressure, risk factors for cardiovascular disease and to assess the effectiveness of treatments.

Also, there are many reasons why people are recommended to use a blood pressure monitor for regular checks, including;

  • Monitoring blood pressure to identify fluctuations throughout the day
  • Detecting white coat hypertension (where your pressure rises due to stress or anxiety in a clinical setting) or masked hypertension (where you notice your pressure is high elsewhere, but in a clinical setting it returns to normal)
  • Tracking blood pressure changes in response to lifestyle modifications
  • If you have risk factors for heart disease, experience chest pain or have signs of kidney disease

How do I make a claim for one with Police Health?

To be eligible to claim, you need to have our Rolling Extras cover or Gold Combined cover, and as of 22 February 2023 Police Health members need to also supply a letter from your GP simply outlining the reason for the blood pressure monitoring.

While monitors can’t be claimed with us through HICAPS or ISOFT, you can make a claim through our mobile app that’s available on apple and android devices. 

To submit a claim through the app, simply photograph the receipts you received from your service provider as well as your supporting documentation if needed. Up to 4 photos/receipts can be submitted in each claim. 

Remember, each photo of a receipt must clearly show;

  • Patient’s full name
  • Provider’s name, number and address
  • Date of service
  • Service provided, including any item numbers
  • Amount paid

You can also email the photo of your receipts and supporting documentation to along with the following;

How much can I claim?

You can claim up to 80% of the charge up to the item limit $200 per membership ever 3 years, however there is an initial 12 month waiting period. 

A Waiting Period is the period of time you need to be covered before you’re eligible to claim on certain procedures or services. Waiting Periods may apply to new or upgraded policies.

If you’re transferring from another health insurer, we offer continuity of cover which means you won’t serve the same Waiting Periods twice. However, if you’re transferring to us from a lower level of cover, you’ll only be able to claim up to the level you were already covered for until you have served the Waiting Period.

What about hires and replacements?

We do not pay a benefit for a hire of a blood pressure monitor, and this includes a 24 Blood Pressure Holter Monitor. You’re entitled to 1 replacement every three calendar years.

We hope this has helped, and if you’d like more help please call us on 1800 603 603.

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