How to claim for Hospital

Hospital claims for in-patient admissions are generally split between Hospital Costs (e.g. the cost of theatre, in-patient accommodation, special care unit) and Medical Costs ( e.g. the cost of treatment, such as the Doctors fee, Anaesthetists fee). Each are handled differently.

  • Hospital Cost Claims usually come directly to us from the hospital and we send the claim payment back to the hospital. Therefore in this scenario you don't have to do anything additional to claim your benefit. However, if you have paid for your Hospital Costs upfront, please get in touch with us.

  • Medical Cost Claims usually come directly to us from the Doctor and Anaesthetist if you have provided your private health insurance details to them to administer a claim directly with us. In this instance you don't need to do anything additional to claim your benefit. However a growing number of Doctors and Anaesthetists are requesting full payment upfront, leaving patients to claim Medicare Benefits and Private Health Insurance benefits themselves. If you have been asked to pay your Medical Costs upfront, in order to claim your health insurance benefits with us you will first need to lodge a claim with Medicare. Once processed by Medicare you will then receive a 'Statement of Benefit' in your MyGov inbox. To claim health insurance benefits you will need to submit a copy of your 'Statement of Benefit' when lodging your claim, either through our mobile app, or online Member Portal.  

Cheques and payments

Cheques covering medical or extras services are made payable to you if you've paid the account or, if you haven't, to the provider of the service. 

In both instances, the cheques are sent to you (naturally if the payment is in your favour you can elect to have the payment direct credited to your financial institute).

If the account has not been paid, forward the cheque to the provider together with your portion of the payment.

How to fast-track your claims payments

If you have already paid the invoice from your medical or extras provider, Police Health offers PromptPay to ensure fast payment of your claim. 

With PromptPay your benefit is paid directly to your financial institution account as a direct credit.

Download our claim form, simply write "YES"  in the box `Please Pay To My Bank Account Yes/No' and then fill in your nominated financial account details.