Complementary Therapies Benefits Guide

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What's covered?

Police Health provides benefits for a range of recognised Complementary Therapies within our Rolling Extras cover

In an area where the qualifications and skills of service providers can vary considerably, we employ the services of the Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG).

This is an organisation providing expertise in the recognition of health service providers who assist 30 health funds around Australia.

The ARHG applies a rigorous and well-considered criteria to the acceptance of the individual therapies and service providers, giving confidence to health funds and their members.

Please note from the 1 April 2019, the Australian Government has made changes to therapies eligible for cover.



Remedial Massage Therapy
Remedial Therapy
Chinese Medicine

Alexander Technique
Western Herbal Medicine

Note: Not a complete list.

Recognised service providers

While the vast majority of private service providers registered and practicing in Australia within an accredited therapy will be recognised by us for benefits, not all providers are recognised.

Individual therapists are required to meet certain criteria in education, continuing work experience, professional education, hold appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance and have completed a prescribed number of hours work experience.

So when you’re treated by one of the 25,000 Complementary Therapy providers around Australia that we cover, you’ll rest assured they’ve met these well considered standards.

If you wish to ensure your provider is recognised by Police Health, please contact us prior to treatment.

Benefits paid

To provide for a fair distribution of Complementary Therapy benefits to all members we’ve established the following requirements:

  • The amount paid for a Complementary Therapy consultation is a set benefit of $30.
  • Waiting periods apply for new members or a member upgrading their cover.
  • One benefit is payable per day per person insured under a policy. If an insured person receives a consultation from two different providers under Complementary Therapies on the same day, then a benefit will be paid for only one of the consults.
  • If a service provider is recognised for more than one modality, say Remedial Massage Therapy and Myotherapy, and provides both services to you on the same day, then a benefit will only be paid for one service.

Benefit limits

Benefits for Complementary Therapies are subject to the combined annual maximum applying to chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture and complementary therapies.

See the limit and find out more about Rolling Extras cover