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Prima Osteoarthritis Management Program

Don’t be struck down by Osteoarthritis, get support that’s tailored to you with the Osteoarthritis Management Program.

Prima Heart Health Program

Boost your chances of managing heart related health issues through weight loss, exercise, education and much more.

Mental Health Benefit Guide

See the difference between Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and how Police Health can help cover the costs.

Ambulance Benefit Guide

When you are insured with Police Health, all policies include ambulance cover - Australia-wide - so you always have peace of mind. Find out how our benefits work.

Massage Benefit Guide

Keep extra cash in your pocket by claiming our Remedial Massage benefit the right way, helping you save money and improve your health.

Rollover Benefit Guide

Did you know our Rollover Benefit lets you roll over unclaimed Annual Maximums from one calendar year to the next on most Extras services?

Valion Cancer Support Program

Cancer is one of the most common diseases facing Australians today. But it is not something our members have to face alone. We have partnered with Valion Health to deliver our eligible members, diagnosed with cancer, a personalised cancer support experience.
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Healthy Living Programs

Live a better life with our range of healthy living programs, focusing on cancer support, diabetes management and much more.

Optical Benefits Guide

Police Health is proud to offer members holding Extras cover generous annual maximums on optical, and big benefits for frames, lenses and much more.