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Unbeatable value for Police in South Australia

Bupa Family Comprehensive Gold Hospital with a $500 Excess is 38% more expensive in South Australia than Police Health Family Gold Hospital with No Excess.*

Fund Name Police Health Bupa
Product Name Gold Hospital (No Excess) Gold Comprehensive Hospital ($500 Excess)
Monthly Premium $370.11* $511.99*
Extra Cost of Premiums vs Police Health   +38.33%

*Premium comparisons have been calculated based on Private Health Information Statements sourced from www.privatehealth.gov.au and search results from www.bupa.com.au. Comparative premiums are based on a family policy (two adults and two dependents) in South Australia with Base Tier Australian Government Rebate applied; no Lifetime Health Cover Loading; no aged-based or other applicable discounts. Benefits paid and out-of-pocket costs may differ by healthcare provider. Police Health Limited is a restricted access private health insurer. See our website for eligibility. Premiums quoted are current as at 1 April 2024.

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We proudly offer our exclusive top-level cover to more of the policing family than ever before.

Police Officers & Employees

Current, retired or former police officers and employees of Australian state territory or federal police departments.

Union & Association Employees

Current, retired or former employees or volunteers of police unions and associations in Australia.

Family members

Parents, Children, Grandchildren, Siblings, Spouse / Partner (current or former) of Officers or Employees.

Cover like no other

Hospital Cover with No Excess or Exclusions*
Up to 80% back on most Extras*
Rollover Unused Limits from prior year*
Unlimited Ambulance*

Our products

Gold Cover Combined

We've combined our top quality hospital and extras cover to give you complete peace of mind. From the routine to the unexpected, with Gold Combined you'll always know we've got your back.

Gold Hospital Cover

Affordable Gold Hospital Cover that offers complete peace of mind, with no excesses, co-payments, or exclusions*.

Rolling Extras

With up to 80% back on most benefits and a unique benefit rollover*, with Rolling Extras cover you can get great rebates at your choice of provider*, whenever you need them.

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We make Health Insurance Simple, just choose whether you want to be covered for Hospital, Extras or Both  

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You won’t need to re-serve waiting periods that you’ve already served with your old fund.

*All benefits may be subject to Waiting Periods, Limits and other conditions. Rollover applies once you’ve completed your first 12 months membership (2 years for Major Dental). Providers must be recognised by us. Review the cover tables on the Combined, Hospital and Extras pages, and your State Premium and Benefit Guide or contact us for more information. ^Healthcare and Insurance Australia Report 2023 — independent research conducted by IPSOS.