Join the Police Health family

We proudly offer our exclusive top-level cover to more of the policing family than ever before.

Police Officers & Employees

Current, retired or former police officers and employees of Australian state territory or federal police departments.

Union & Association Employees

Current, retired or former employees or volunteers of police unions and associations in Australia.

Family members

Parents, Children, Grandchildren, Siblings, Spouse / Partner (current or former) of Officers or Employees.

The Health Fund for the Policing Community

Police Health is the not-for-profit health fund for the policing community and their families, since 1935. 
Our eligibility extends further than you think. We proudly offer our cover like no other to more of the policing community than ever before, including current and retired members of the force, current and former employees, as well as volunteers.

How does a restricted health fund work?

Restricted health funds are only open to members of a specific group or industry and are required to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for membership to the fund. Police Health is a restricted access private health insurer for the policing community and their extended families.  

To join Police Health fund our members need to have ties to the policing community, either directly or through close family members. If you have previous ties to policing, you are also able to join even if you are no longer a part of the industry.

If you join Police health fund and you or your family member’s situation changes, you are able to remain in the fund, for example you wouldn’t be asked to leave if your brother leaves the police force.