Gold Hospital cover

Police Health only offers top-level Gold Hospital cover with no Excess, which covers all 38 clinical categories without exclusions or restrictions for Medicare listed procedures.

By only offering Gold cover, our claims are better balanced across the entire membership base, keeping top cover more affordable for everyone, and allowing us to beat the big guys on price.

We believe protecting you and your loved ones against the unexpected is priceless.

Members with hospital cover through us also benefit from unlimited Ambulance cover, our healthy living programs, and generous benefits on health aids and appliances.

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Going to Hospital Guide

Whether it's the first time, or not, Hospital admissions can be emotional and daunting. That's why we've created a Going to Hospital Guide, to help explain your rights and responsibilities as a private patient entering hospital. The Guide covers things you should know and things you should ask - and we recommend you ask your Doctor, the Hospital, and us as your health insurer, plenty of questions along the way!

Medical Cost Finder

Planning for specialist medical care can be daunting. You not only want the best treatment, but also an understanding of the potential costs involved. 

This is where the Australian Government's Medical Costs Finder becomes a valuable tool, and Police Health is here to guide you through it.

Access Gap Cover

Police Health and other health insurers offer an Access Gap Cover program to help minimise gap payments on Medical Costs. When doctors and specialists agree to use the Access Gap Cover program (which is done on a case by case basis), it eliminates, or substantially reduces, the out-of-pocket expenses of treatment for people with private health insurance.

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Police Health has agreements in place with more than 400 of Australia’s most trusted private hospitals.

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Access Gap participation means your out of pocket expenses for treatments may be dramatically reduced. Search our list of doctors who participate in the Access Gap plan.