How to claim Extras

With the majority of extras claims such as dental and optical, health providers can process your claim on the spot using EFTPOS-style claiming facilities provided by HICAPS and iSOFT HealthPoint.

These are often referred to as "On the spot" claiming. On the spot claiming has become the preferred option for most policyholders, with more than 85 percent of eligible claims being processed this way.

All you have to do is swipe your membership card and sign to validate the service. Your claim will be automatically lodged with Police Health and we pay the provider directly.

There is no need to pay the full consultation fee up-front and then wait for reimbursement of your benefit. Just present your Police Health membership card, pay any out of pocket gap and you're done.

Who offers on the spot claiming?

To find out if your health provider offers on the spot claiming simply look for the HICAPS & iSOFT logo or contact your health provider. You can also use our online search tool to find health providers that offer HICAPS.

While Police Health accepts most claims on the spot, the service is not available for pharmacy, health appliances (including hearing aids), counselling and eye therapy.

By handling these claims manually, we are able to deliver better and fairer benefits to our members for these services.

There may also be situations where benefits cannot be processed on the spot, or where there is no benefit entitlement. In these situations, you will be asked to contact Police Health on 1800 603 603.

Find a health service provider that uses HICAPS..

Police Health Mobile Claiming App

As a member of Police Health, we’ve got your back. Our Police Health App lets you manage your health cover 24/7. Use the app to:

  • Easily make a claim for you or your dependents
  • Access benefit limits and cover details
  • View your claims history
  • Update your contact details

Who can use the Police Health App?

Anyone can access general fund information via the app, but to use features relating to your membership, you must be a Police Health Member and have registered your online membership account.

Online Member Portal

If you don’t want to use the app, you can now submit Extras claims through our online Member Portal. Simply follow these steps;

  1. Login to our Member Portal
  2. Click on ‘Claims’ from the menu
  3. When the drop-down options open, click on ‘Submit claim’
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts

Want to receive your benefits faster?

Make sure you provide us with your bank account details so your benefit is paid directly to your bank account.

Set it up today by calling 1800 603 603.

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