Secure Online Member Service

Police Health's Online Member Services makes it easy for you to review your

  • Current cover
  • Contact details
  • People covered under your policy
  • Claims history
  • Benefits paid
  • Benefits remaining
  • Tax Statements



REGISTER                     (You must read and agree to the OMS Terms & Conditions before you can register)



Important Information before you register for OMS

Police Health members are advised not to share their login user name and password with other people. While this is a secure site and member information is protected, we cannot be held accountable if your login details are given to others.

Before you use the Police Health on-line services or make a transaction you are required to read the OMS Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions apply to everyone using the on-line service and its use is subject to your agreement.

Please read these Terms and Conditions whenever you log in as Police Health reserves the right to change them at any time.

Using the on-line service

Only the primary member with legal responsibility for the membership can use the member service. It is important to note that:

  • any person aged 16 years and above is considered capable of making their own privacy decisions for the purposes of the online service
  • the on-line service cannot be used if your membership has been terminated
  • Police Health will not be held liable for any errors or omissions in the service
  • Police Health does not guarantee the service will be available at all times
  • registration information collected about you is subject to our Police Health Privacy Policy
  • Police Health can terminate the on-line service at any time.

After registering on-line you will be sent an email with confirmation of your registration. The primary member is responsible for:

  • maintaining the confidentiality of the password
  • all activities that occur under the membership.


Police Health accepts no responsibility for transactions processed by someone who is not the primary member. Immediately notify Police Health of any unauthorised online use of your membership. 

To protect your personal information and prevent unauthorised access make sure you:

  • keep your password secure
  • do not tell anyone else your password or let them watch you login
  • do not keep a record of your password with your member card
  • change your password regularly.


Should you knowingly share your password with your partner or other dependents on your policy they may have the ability to effect changes to the policy, it is for this reason you should show extreme caution in who you choose to share your password with, just like you would with your net banking accounts.