Police Health's Access Gap Cover eliminates or substantially reduces the sometimes large out-of-pocket expenses that can be part of a hospital stay.

We now have arrangements with a majority of doctors around Australia where, in the vast majority of cases, accounts will be fully covered for in-hospital medical treatment, or you will at least be advised prior to a treatment of any gaps that will apply.

Under our Access Gap Cover:

  • you generally won't even see a bill
  • your doctor will forward all accounts to Police Health
  • Police Health will settle accounts directly with your doctor.

While all doctors have access to our Access Gap Cover scheme, it is up to individual practitioners to participate in this arrangement with us. Tell your doctor you're covered by Police Health and request they use our Access Gap Cover scheme.

Find a participating doctor

Call us on 1800 603 603 to find out if your specialist has agreed to participate in Police Health's Access Gap Cover.

Alternatively conduct your own search for participating doctors using the Police Health database. You can search by specialist group, doctor name and locality.