Top Hospital

If you are looking for hospital only cover, Police Health's `Top Hospital' product provides top level cover for treatment in any registered hospital or day-surgery of your choice anywhere in Australia, without any exclusions, excesses or co-payments (private or public).

It gives you complete freedom of choice and greater control in where you are treated, by which doctor, and when you will be treated. Forget about the lengthy waiting lists with possible cancellations that you hear about far too often in the public healthcare system, and insure yourself in case the unexpected were to happen. Police Health's products are designed only to give you the best cover, so you can be assured you are looked after when you need it the most. We don't choose to get sick or have accidents, but in the event that something does happen, why pay an excess to use your cover, when Police Health's Top Hospital is excess free.

Why do we offer only one hospital product? We listen to our members and their feedback has repeatedly shown that police prefer to have a comprehensive policy that looks after them and their family throughout all stages of their lives. With Police Health you won't be caught out with a compromised level of cover, if the unexpected happens.

Benefit for benefit, premium for premium, Police Health's Top Hospital offers great value. Just take a look at what you are covered for in the table below. Compare this with other insurers' top level products and it will be clear that we are comprehensive and offer excellent value;

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods may apply for further information go to Important Information.


Benefits for Top Hospital (NSW/ACT)

Benefit for benefit, contribution for contribution, Police Health Top Hospital offers great value.

Hospital Benefits Cover
Private hospital overnight accommodation charges (including private room) 100%
Private hospital same day accommodation charges 100%
Accommodation charges for private patients in public hospitals 100%
Same day treatment as a private patient in a public hospital 100%
Medigap (the difference between Medicare rebate and scheduled fee) yes
Access Gap Cover covering doctors' charges over and above the scheduled fee. yes
Government defined prostheses yes
Day hospital facilities 100%
Operating theatre, labour ward and procedure room 100%
Approved outpatient services 100%
 Ambulance (emergency & clinically required non-emergency transport and treatment not requiring transport) 100% 
Approved drugs and medicines dispensed when in hospital 100%

Premiums for Top Hospital (NSW/ACT)

Payment Method Fortnightly (Direct Debit) Quarterly Half-Yearly Yearly
Age of oldest person under policy Under 65 years 65 - 69 years Over 70 years
(& Couples)
Single Parent Family Single
Base Tier
(Full Rebate)
- - -
Tier 1 - - -
Tier 2 - - -
Tier 3
(No Rebate)
- - -
Prices as of:
For descriptions on income tiers, see the Government Rebate page.

Important note: The premiums shown in this table are base rates applying to those having an existing hospital cover with a certified age of entry of 30 or, who join hospital insurance by June 30 following their 31st birthday. If neither of these apply, you need to contact Police Health for the Lifetime Health Cover premiums that will apply to you.

What is not covered (non exhaustive list*)
  • Services incurred before waiting periods have been served.
  • Treatment for which Medicare does not pay a benefit, including cosmetic surgery. (Some benefits may be payable for hospital treatment following this surgery. Contact Police Health for more details.)
  • Services that are provided outside the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Services where an entitlement exists or may exist under any compensation, sports club or third party insurance.
  • A claim for a service that is submitted more than two years after the date of service.
  • Outpatient services unless there is an agreement between Police Health and the hospital.
  • Pharmaceuticals not related to the reason for hospitalisation or not covered under the agreement with the hospital or provided on discharge.
  • Exceptional high cost drugs that may be excluded or limited.
  • Prostheses items that are not included on the Federal Government approved list.
  • Charges greater than the benefit defined in the Federal Governments Prosthesis List.
  • Personal and take-home items, e.g. newspapers, toiletries, television, hairdressing, manicure, etc.
  • Treatment provided to a person in a hospital emergency department.
  • Aged care and accommodation in an aged care facility.
  • If you are in hospital for more than 35 consecutive days and not classified as an acute care patient, your benefits will significantly reduce.
  • Benefits for ambulance services covered by a third party arrangement such as a State/Territory transportation scheme.

* This provides a general description of what is not covered. Should you require information about a particular treatment or benefit please contact Police Health.