SureCover Extras

Police Health's SureCover Extras covers a broad range of non-hospital paramedical services that are not covered by Medicare, including dental, glasses & contact lenses, physiotherapy and other therapies. This is also known as `general treatment', 'extras' or 'ancillary' cover. Police Health offers only the best of the best, so you can rest assured that SureCover Extras is a quality cover giving you the most in benefits for value.

With Police Health SureCover Extras you are covered for an extensive range of health services at highly competitive premiums. Few health insurers can match our extras benefits for value or number of services available.

You won't be left wondering how much your health insurer will repay on your extras claims. For the majority of services*, Police Health pays a generous 80% of the cost. Refer to Benefits Limits below.

* Police Health only pays benefits for extras services supplied by providers recognised by Police Health who are in private practice in Australia. If you wish to ensure that your provider is recognised and covered by Police Health, try using our provider search or contact us prior to treatment. Please note not all recognised providers are published on the search engine if you can not find a provider please contact Police Health, 1800 603 603.

Annual Maximums & our exclusive Rollover Benefit

The generous Annual Maximums shown on this page are based on calendar year allowances per person unless stated otherwise. On many of these Annual Maximums ,we will give you up to two calendar years in which to use them. We call this our Rollover Benefit which allows members to carry unused Annual Maximums, into the next calendar year.

Effectively the Rollover Benefit increases the maximum benefits you can claim in a calendar year by giving you access to unused Annual Maximums remaining from the previous year. Claims are always paid from the relevant service year's Annual Maximums before accessing your Rollover Benefit. If an Annual Maximum is reached in any calendar year, there will be no Rollover Benefit available for the next calendar year.

This highly valued benefit provides you with increased security; imagine your dentist tells you need two crowns! With Police Health you could have up to total of $2600 in benefits available in one calendar year when the Rollover Benefit is accessed. (Subject to years of membership).

For more information on the Rollover Benefit, please see our Rollover Benefit Page. If you wish to clarify whether you are eligible for a Rollover benefit, please give us a call  1800 603 603.

Limit to extras services

To provide equity for all members, limits may apply to some specific extras services relating to their frequency of use, or to the way they are combined with other services. However, this affects very few members because Police Health's restrictions are often far less onerous than those of many other funds. Contact us if you have any queries.

Benefits limit to extras services

Generally health funds have benefit limits for individual services based on what they see as their average charge. However, Police Health recognises charges up to 15% higher than our calculated average, thus ensuring that members do receive a true 80% rebate for the vast majority of health services in most cases.

If your charges are more than 15% above Police Health's average fee, the benefit you receive will be less than 80% of your cost. Our 80% benefit applies to the net amount payable on any account, inclusive of any discounts the provider might be offering at the time.

Waiting Periods

Waiting periods may apply for further information go to Important Information.


Premiums for SureCover Extras (Northern Territory)

Payment Method Fortnightly (Direct Debit) Fortnightly (Payroll) Quarterly Half-Yearly Yearly
Age of oldest person under policy Under 65 years 65 - 69 years Over 70 years

(& Couples)
Single Parent
Base Tier
(Full Rebate)
- - -
Tier 1 - - -
Tier 2 - - -
Tier 3
(No Rebate)
- - -
Prices as of:
For descriptions on income tiers, see the Government Rebate page.


Benefits for Surecover Extras (Northern Territory)


Service Type Example of Benefits Annual Maximum per person * Rollover Maximum per person
General Dental
(2 months waiting period) Includes checkups, X-rays, simple extractions, fillings and root canal
Oral Exam (2 every calendar year) 80% up to $61.95 Unlimited N/A
Scale and clean ( 2 every calendar year) 80% up to $136.10
Filling- adhesive posterior 3 surface 80% up to $225.40
Mouth Guard (1 every calendar year) 80% up to $197.80
Major Dental 
(12 months waiting period) Includes crowns and dentures
Full crown-veneered 80% up to $1,499.60 $1,300


Complete upper & lower dentures (1 every 3 yrs) 80% up to $1,794.00
12 month waiting periods may be waived where it has been served with previous fund. Rollover Maximum available after 2 years membership.
(12 months waiting period) Benefits apply to specialist orthodontists only 
1st yr $0 
2nd yr $800 
3rd yr $800 
4th yr $1,500
Lifetime limit- $3000 80% up to annual maximum
We recognise your time served with other health insurers and in many cases new members can go direct to our $1,500 Annual Maximum
(2 months waiting period)
Standard single vision lenses 80% up to $109.45 $330 $660
Standard progressive lenses 80% up to $258.20
Contact lenses, disposable-spherical 80% up to $134.40
Contact lenses, rigid 80% up to $249.60
Frames $110.00
At OPSM and Laubman & Pank. Standard single vision lenses 100%
Standard progressive lenses 100%
Contact lenses, disposable-spherical 100%
Contact lenses, rigid 100%
Frames $110.00
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $91.10 $850 Combined
Sub-limit for 
Exercise Physiology 
$400 per person, or $800 per family
Subsequent consult 80% up to $75.00
Exercise Physiology
(2 months waiting period)
 Initial consult 80% up to $79.10   N/A
 Subsequent consult 80% up to $64.40
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $77.75 $700 Combined


(excludes complementary therapies)
Subsequent consult 80% up to $51.75
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $102.60
Subsequent consult 80% up to $66.70
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $79.10
Subsequent consult 80% up to $72.30
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $94.30
Subsequent consult (16 - 30 mins) 80% up to $82.80
Complementary Therapies 
(2 months waiting period)
Therapies consult $25.00
Note: While many therapies are covered, some are not. Please refer to our Brochurefor more information.
Speech Therapy 
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult (46 - 90 mins) 80% up to $145.00 $850 $1,700
Subsequent consult (46 - 90 mins) 80% up to $132.50
Occupational Therapy
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult (76 - 90 mins) 80% up to $151.80 $600 $1,200
Subsequent consult (46-60 mins) 80% up to $101.20
Eye Therapy 
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $50.60 $600 $1,200
Subsequent consult (< 30 mins) 80% up to $41.40
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult 80% up to $110.40 $600 $1,200
Subsequent consult 80% up to $59.80
(2 months waiting period)
Initial consult (46-75 mins) 80% up to $72.70 $700 $1,400
Subsequent consult (< 20 mins) 80% up to $64.20
(2 months waiting period)
Consultations (46-60 mins) 80% up to $156.70 $850 $1,700
(2 months waiting period)
Emergency & clinically required non-emergency transport and treatment not requiring transport. 100% unlimited N/A
(2 months waiting period) Available at any pharmacy
(excludes government subsidised PBS prescriptions) $600 $1,200
Per script Up to $50 after you pay the first $20
Note: While many medicines are covered, some are not. $20 may increase for dispensing greater than the minimum standard packaged quantity. For more information.
Health Appliances
(12 months waiting period)
Hearing aids 80% $1200 per 5 yrs N/A
Nebulisers 80% up to $200 1 unit per 3 yrs
Blood glucose monitors 80% up to $250 1 unit per 3 yrs
 Blood coagulation monitor (INR) 80% up to $400  1 unit per 3 yrs 
(Doctor's referral required on all appliances)  
School Accident
(2 months waiting period)
Additional benefits apply to clinically required services resulting from an accident whilst travelling to or from school (some restrictions apply).  100% $500   N/A

* Rollover Maximum available after 12 months membership with extras cover, except Major Dental which requires 2 years membership.

Note: All the benefits shown here are payable only on services and at health providers recognised by Police Health.

What is not covered (non exhaustive list**)

  • Claims for a service that has exceeded the Annual Maximum & Rollover Maximum.
  • The second and subsequent consult with the same profession on the same day.
  • Where the service charge exceeds the fee recognised by Police Health, the benefit you receive may be less than 80% of your cost.
  • Where the service provider is partner, dependent, or parent of the person being treated. Business partners within the practice are also excluded.
  • Services incurred before a waiting period has been served.
  • Services where a Medicare benefit is payable.
  • Services that are provided outside the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Services where an entitlement exists or may exist under any compensation, sport club or third party insurance.
  • A claim for a service that is submitted more than two years after the date of service.
  • Services provided by practitioners not registered or recognised by the fund.
  • Benefits for ambulance services covered by a third party arrangement such as a State/Territory transportation scheme.

** This provides a general description of what is not covered. Should you require information about a particular treatment or benefit please contact Police Health. Benefits are correct as of .

Pharmacy Benefits for NT Residents

Police Health has negotiated special Easy Claim arrangements with selected pharmacies.

"Easy Claim" means you only have to pay your portion of the account at the time you receive the service. The balance of the account will be billed direct to Police Health by the provider of the service and we'll pay that for you. The following pharmacies are registered as Easy Claim providers with Police Health in the Northern Territory.

  • Mitchell Centre Better Health Pharmacy, Shop 4, Mitchell Centre, Darwin,
  • AMCAL Max Casuarina, 3/11 Vanderlin Drive, Casuarina
  • Palmerston Discount Pharmacy, Shop 60-64, Palmerston (Target) Shopping Centre

When you have your prescriptions filled at these pharmacies, just present your Police Health membership card and you'll receive your Police Health benefit on the spot. You don't even have to fill out a claim form! You'll find the majority of prescriptions are just $20 each. Simply sign the Easy Claim Voucher and pay the $20. See our website for more information.

For more information regarding Pharmaceutical Benefits please click here.