The nature of health insurance is that you never know what health service you might need or when you might need it. There are scores of people who get caught by having inadequate cover to meet an unexpected health need. For that reason, Police Health provides only top level (comprehensive) cover and it's available in four easy to understand products.

By Police Health offering only top level cover you can be assured that you will be looked after when the need to use your cover arises. It's really quite simple, just great cover giving total peace of mind to you and your family.

To take the confusion out of health insurance, Police Health has simply four easy to understand top level products to choose from.

  1. Top Hospital- hospital only product
  2. SureCover Extras- extras only product
  3. Platinum Health- a combination of Top Hospital and SureCover Extras at a discounted price.
  4. Platinum Plus- Platinum Health cover extended to cover non-student older children

How easy is that!


 Treatment  Top Hospital SureCover Extras  Platinum Health  Platinum Plus
Hospital treatment including accommodation as a private patient        
Theatre fees/labour ward        
Drugs Supplied in Hospital- part of treatment (Non PBS Pharmaceuticals covered by contract and billed to patient)
Surgically implanted prostheses        
Hospital at home        
Home Nursing        
Travel and Accommodation        

Ambulance Cover- Emergency & clinically required non-emergency transport and treatment not requiring transport.

* excludes services for residents of Queensland & Tasmania where covered by a state scheme. Benefits may be payable, however, for any ambulance treatment costs not fully covered by those arrangements or schemes.

 *  *  *  *
Hospital Excess Payments do not apply
Choice of Hospital        
Choice of Treating Doctor at Hospital        
General Dental        
Major Dental  
Non PBS Pharmaceuticals- "As an outpatient" e.g. from your local pharmacist
Remedial Massage        
Hearing Aids        
Blood Glucose Monitors        
School Accident        
Speech Therapy        
Occupational Therapy        
Complementary Therapies        
Rollover Benefits        
Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

Cover for non student children between 21-25 years that are not married or in a defacto relationship        

 This is a general guide only and is subject to Waiting Periods, Terms and  Conditions please refer to your State Brochure for further information. Benefits correct as of