Fifteen like minded Australian health funds have come together to highlight a genuine choice in health insurance.

Members Own Health Funds was created to ensure not-for-profit and mutual health funds, like Police Health, can effectively communicate the advantages they provide over funds driven by the profit needs of shareholders and overseas owners. Members Own Health Funds, like Police Health, exist to benefit members, not to profit investors or overseas owners.

More than two and a half million Australians are already with a Members Own Health Fund, like Police Health.



What is Members Own Health Funds?

Members Own Health Funds is a new alliance between fifteen not-for-profit and mutual health funds (representing eighteen brands) in Australia.

The alliance has been created to pull our resources together to better communicate the advantages a member owned health fund can deliver to its members, compared to investor driven or overseas owned health funds.

What are the advantages of a Member Own Health Fund?

  1. Members Own Health Funds are run to benefit members, not shareholders or overseas owners.
  2. With a Members Own Health Fund, you're a person not a profit centre.
  3. On Average, the give more back to members (benefits paid as a percentage of members'Premiums).
  4. They provide a better, more personal service.

The data used to support Members Own Health Fund claims has been independently validated by KPMG. Click here to access the report.

What is the Members Own Health Fund alliance hoping to achieve?

The alliance is hoping to achieve the same support and success as the industry super funds alliance, by forming a collective voice and sharing resources to reach a larger audience. This allows each individual fund to maximize its available resources and level the playing field with the larger funds advertising budgets that each fund individually would not be able to achieve alone.

Why is Police Health a Members Own Health Fund?

“While Police Health enjoys an enviable position among health insurers, providing real value to its members who are among the most satisfied of any health insurer, we are concerned over how the big funds are impacting the industry- viewing consumers as a profit opportunity.
We believe that we must provide the Australian public with alternative choices that come when selecting a private health insurer, that focus on their members rather than profits. This is something that could only be done with a collective approach, one which we are proud to be part of.
While Police Health has retained a close bond to its police heritage, others outside of policing could join a range of industry, regional and open mutual funds. Strategically for Police Health it is in our best interest that we join a group of fourteen like-minded health funds to highlight a service choice when it comes to health insurance.”
 Police Health CEO, Micheal Oertel. 

Media Releases

Police Health Joins MOHF February 2015