Peter Shanahan


Employment: joined SAPOL in 1975 and Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2009.

Chairman of the Board of Police Health

"Police Health is proudly a part of the policing family that include Police Unions, Police Credit Unions, Police Legacy and those other dedicated services that look after the people in our unique profession. Policing is a people focused calling that takes seriously its obligation to not only uphold and enforce the law, but to care for individuals, particularly in their times of need. My commitment to our policy holders is to provide them with the best health insurance money can buy. In order to ensure this, Police Health must continue to connect with its members at a personal level so that their individual needs are identified and met. When I joined the Board in 1995 Police Health had served me very well for 20 years. It was time to give something back and I hoped that with my policing experience coupled with my legal training, I would be able to contribute to the effective running of a highly successful and family friendly fund."


Inspector Kevin Lawton

B.Mgnt, Grad. Cert in App. Mgt. Assoc Dip Bus, Assoc Dip JA, MAICD.

Employment: joined SAPOL in 1985 and Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2009.

Committees: Deputy Chairman of the Board of Police Health, Board Director, Governance Committee.

"I have a keen interest in the business operations, financial management and human resources related issues of Police Health. I am especially interested in government legislation and regulation relating to the health industry, for example Lifetime Health Cover and the Rebate. I feel these have a direct impact on an individual's attitude toward private health insurance, which in turn influences membership growth. I nominated for the Board because I have a genuine concern for the welfare of fellow police officers, public servants and retired members."

Deputy Police Commissioner Linda Williams APM

LLB (Hons), BA, GDLP, Grad Cert Mgt, Grad Dip Applied Crim (Cantab) MAICD.

Employment: joined SAPOL in March 1980 and Director of the Police Health Incorporation  in 2010.

Committees: Board Director, Chairperson Governance Committee

"Being a Board member of a highly regarded health fund such as Police Health is an opportunity to continue contributing to the policing family. I am keen to assist in maintaining the solid governance, rigorous financial management and growth of the fund to strengthen member services. This is an exciting time for the fund and I look forward to assisting the fund to grow whilst continuing to provide value for money coupled with a strong service ethos to members."


Mick O’Neill

B. Comm, Adv Dip HR, Assoc Dip Info Systems, FAICD FLISA FRMIA.

Employment: served as a police officer from 1980, until January 2003. CCSM Risk & Governance Manager, ASC Pty Ltd. Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2009.

Committees: Board Director, Chairman of Risk Management & Compliance Committee

“As someone who has been given outstanding personal service over the 30 plus years of membership, I feel a connection to the fund beyond the provision of insurance. I believe my policing experience combined with my growing commercial, risk management and organisational development knowledge adds significant value to the Board and the members. It is an exciting time for Police Health and I will strive to contribute to the Board’s ongoing stewardship of this successful and worthwhile fund”.


Phil Vincent JP

B.Ec, B. Fin, Grad Cert Mgt, GAICD, JP.

Employment: joined SAPOL in 2000 and Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2009.

Committee: Board Director, Chairman of Finance & Audit Committee, Member of Governance Committee

“Police Health has been an important element of the police family for over 75 years and it is a real privilege  to be a director on the Board. Our mission to support the police culture of caring for one another by improving the health and wellbeing of our policing community continues to drive my commitment to Police Health. Having been employed by SAPOL for over ten years I have an understanding of the values of the policing community and the expectations of the members and their families. In addition, my formal qualifications in the area of finance, economics and management enable me to contribute to the effective operation of the Board."


Inspector Simon Watkins

BCom, LLB(Hons), CA, GAICD.

Employment: Joined SAPOL in 2002. Previous experience as a Senior Accountant in External Audit, and a Senior Manager within the Advisory and Forensic Services Division of a large accounting and business advisory firm. Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2014.

Committee: Board Director, Finance & Audit Committee.

I joined the policing family in 2002 as I believed and still believe the policing profession offers a unique opportunity to serve our community. After years enjoying my police career I took a career break from 2009 to 2011, working with a large private firm specialising in corporate advisory forensic accounting and risk management. As a result I have been fortunate enough to gain a set of unique broadly based skills in financial management and advisory practices. I have found that often police are so dedicated to helping others they can forget about their own health and welfare. Therefore, I welcome an opportunity to work with an organisation established for the betterment of police members and their families. I am confident that I can help guide the fund over the coming years in the pursuit of continued financial strength and the provision of value for money private health cover to police across the country.


Gayle Ginnane

BA, BEcon, MDefence Studies, FAICD, Member AIM.

Employment: CEO of the Private Health Insurance Administration Council for 13 years until her retirement in May 2008. Currently an independent director on Government, not-for-profit and commercial boards. Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2010.

Committee:Board Director, Finance & Audit Committee, Risk Management & Compliance Committee

"As an independent director on the Police Health Board, I am keen to use my broad experience as the former industry financial regulator along with my experience in government and as a director on public and private sector boards to contribute to and strengthen the Police Health fund and ethos . My experience and economic qualifications can add strength to the Board of Police Health and I am looking forward to helping the fund grow and continue to provide the police family with good value for money health insurance. It will be a privilege to work with the other directors in supporting your health fund.”


Sergeant Mark Burgess APM

B. Soc. Sci (Justice Studies) MPp

Employment: Joined NSWPOL in 1988. Current Chief Executive Officer, Police Federation of Australia, based in Canberra. Director of the Police Health Incorporation in 2015.

Committees: Member of the Governance Committee

The police family is very important to police officers. As the CEO of the Police Federation of Australia (PFA), representing over 60,000 Australian Police officers from every jurisdiction in Australia, I see Police Health as being an integral part of that family. My experience as having been an operational NSW Police Officer, the President of the NSW Police Association and now the CEO of the PFA has given me the opportunity to see the potential for Police Health on the national stage. I bring that broad work experience and a wide array of contacts both in policing and the political circles to the Police Health Board.